These articles originally appeared in Broadcast Dialogue Magazine (copyright Broadcast Dialogue) and are reprinted here with permission.


1.      Whither Tomorrow's Broadcast Engineer?

2.      A Safety Primer For Transmitter Visitors

3.      Tales Of Errant Gensets

4.      Resistance Is Futile - But Impedance Is (sometimes) Important

5.      Further Adventures With Ma Bell

6.      How Stuff Breaks

7.      Now It All Becomes Clear

8.      The History Of Broadcast Engineering, Chapter CCCXLIV

9.      Eeek!It's Safety Code Six!

10.  Many Flavours Of Dog Biscuit

11.  Perils Of The Dog Biscuit

12.  Safety Code One

13.  Practising Transmitter Safety

14.  Lightning, Grounds And Other Accidents Of Nature

15.  Fighting The Urge To Surge: Transient Suppression Through The Ages

16.  Yagi Yada Yada Yada

17.  Look Up In The Sky!It's A Bird!It's A Plane!It's A Yagi!!

18.  The Marginal Path: Fm Radio And The Real World

19.  Depolarizing A Polarized World

20.  The Story Of Conelrad

21.  Further Reflections On Multipath

22.  Rogers To The Rescue

23.  Mysteries Of The Shielded Loop Revealed!

24.  Switch Hitting Your Powersupply

25.  Fixing the Stubborn Switcher

26.  Quartz: Nazis Sank My Crystals!

27.  More On Quartz

28.  Gibbled Audio In The Digital Domain

29.  RDBS In Your Future

30.  String, Tacks And Sealing Wax:AM Transmitters Of The Future

31.  Admitting Your Susceptance To My Resistance To Impedance

32.  Alphabet Soup For Breakfast

33.  Reg Fessenden Clears His Throat

34.  Stop This Paradigm Shift

35.  Be careful what you wish for

36.  Searching for the right level

37.  The many flavours of surround sound

38.  When is new not better?

39.  NAB has come and goneÖ

40.  Remote controls we have known

41.  I, BachUS broadcasters try reinventing radio

42.  Batten down the hatches!

43.  Fable of a farad

44.  Daring Dolby tackles TV Loudness

45.  History of audio processing

46.  Loads of fun with quarterwave sections and pads

47.  Thinking the unthinkable

48.  Bulletproofing your site

49.  Just looking for trouble

50.  Itís AES/EBU for you!

51.  Strange stories of yore

52.  Acoustics and monitoring

53.  Acoustics and monitoring 2

54.  Acoustics and monitoring 3

1.      Extra! Extra!

2.      I, Bach Returns

3.      Preprocessing audio for digital

4.      Itís giant leap of faith time again

5.      The wonderful world of wire

6.      Bring me your lemons